CXCR4를 발현하는 인체 대장암 세포에서 SDF-1α와 MIF에 의한 암전이 관련 특성에 관한 연구 : Stromal cell-derived factor-1α and macrophage migration-inhibitory factor induced metastatic behaviors in CXCR4-expressing colon cancer cells

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협동과정 종양생물학전공
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서울대학교 대학원
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 협동과정 종양생물학전공, 2012. 2. 구자록.
Metastasis of cancer cells is a major cause of death in cancer patients. The process of cancer metastasis includes the proliferation of the primary cancer cells, local invasion, intravasation and cancer cell survival in blood flow, extravasation and attachment to secondary organs, and metastatic growth in a new environment. In these mechanisms of cancer metastasis, CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) and its ligand play an important role. Stromal cell-derived factor-1α (SDF-1α, also known as CXCL12) is well-known as a ligand of CXCR4 and macrophage migration-inhibitory factor (MIF) has become recently known as a ligand of CXCR4. In many cancers including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colorectal cancer, CXCR4/SDF-1α was studied in metastasis-related cancer behaviors, which include cell proliferation, adhesion, migration, and invasion. However, CXCR4/MIF has rarely been studied in the metastatic behaviors of colon cancer cells. In this report, the effect of SDF-1α or MIF was studied on cell cycle, cell proliferation, adhesion, and migration of CXCR4-expressing colon cancer cell lines (HT-29 and SW480). SDF-1α or MIF caused a decrease in the G0/G1 phase and an increase in the S and G2/M phases in SW480. In addition, SDF-1α or MIF caused an increase in cell proliferation, cell adhesion to fibronectin, and migration in HT-29 and SW480. AMD3100, a CXCR4 antagonist, attenuated these effects, which were increased cell proliferation, adhesion, and migration due to treatment of CXCR4-expressing colon cancer cells with SDF-1α or MIF. In conclusion, SDF-1α or MIF can affect the metastasis-related behaviors of CXCR4-expressing colon cancer cells.
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