현대 사회문제 해결을 위한 생활종교의 역할: 가정폭력을 중심으로 : The Role of the Lived Religion for Modern Social Problem Solving : Focusing on Domestic Violence

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서울대학교 종교문제연구소
종교와 문화, Vol.34, pp. 291-319
사회문제생활종교가정폭력노인학대아동학대social problemlived religiondomestic violenceelder abusechild abuse
This article was attempted to examine the characteristics and the role of religion, especially the lived religion for problem solving focusing on domestic violence as one of social problems. Although domestic violence takes place within families, it is sure to be social problem because of its social origin, negative influence to society and social effort for solving it. The first characteristic of domestic violence including child, elder and spousal abuses is that violence occurs in contexts of intimate relations, albeit usually unequal intimacy, which causes violence everywhere in society on the pretext of intimate relation. The second characteristic of domestic violence is poly-victimization connecting child, partner, elder and sibling abuses as well as physical, sexual and emotional abuses.These characteristics imply that the ultimate solving of domestic violence should be approached from the standpoint of family community; and it must be religion to do its best for taking care of the whole families together. In this regard the necessity of the lived religion is raised, since religion focusing on high level of doctrine and future world through soul salvation is not enough to conduct the role. The key of the lived religion is now and here, meaning religion in daily life or in lived experience. Religion concerns not only individual matters, but it enables the collective approach toward whole families, especially exerting the positive influence on the life of the elders. If whole families including abuser and victim can pay attention to the lived religion which is easy to put in practice through participating religious service, praying, mediating, taking a walk, laughing, conversing and doing volunteer work altogether, it may help decrease domestic violence.
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