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Deliberate Practice as an Effective Remediation Strategy for Underperforming Medical Students Focused on Clinical Skills: a Prospective Longitudinal Study

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Moon, Sang Hui; Myung, Sun Jung; Yoon, Hyun Bae; Park, Jun-Bean; Kim, Ju Whi; Park, Wan Beom

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Journal of Korean Medical Science, Vol.34 No.11, p. e84
Background: It is critical to develop remedial education for underperforming medical students, but little is known about how to create an effective remediation program. Deliberate practice (DP) is a structured and reflective activity that is designed to optimize performance. Here we applied the concept of DP to create remedial education to improve the clinical practices of medical students. We also analyzed the effectiveness of the remediation program. Methods: Based on the expert performance approach of DP, we designed a 4-week remedial program for clinical performance that included feedback and reflection. There were 74 student participants in this program from 2014 to 2017. Their clinical performance was reevaluated after completion, and changes in their clinical performance scores were analyzed. Results: Students who completed the remediation program showed significant improvements in clinical performance scores (P < 0.001). Most students found the program to be instructive and helpful for improving their clinical performance. They reported that role play with peers was the most helpful for improving their skills. Conclusion: The DP-based remediation program improved the clinical performance of failing medical students. This remediation program should continue to be offered to underperforming students to ensure that medical school graduates are competent.
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Research Area Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Vaccination, 감염병, 바이러스질환, 예방접종


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