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東坡 蘇軾을 바라보는 조선중기 사대부의 엇갈린 시선들: 道文論을 중심으로 : The scholar-gentrys mixed way looked at So-Sik(蘇軾) in the middle period of the Joseon Dynasty

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.71, pp. 115-144
문장도학도문론So-Sik蘇軾Zhu Xi朱熹Literature文章Studies of the Way of LifeDo’hak道學Domunron道文論
So-Sik(蘇軾) is the most influential mind during the Koryo and Joseon Dynasty. This article set up the coexisted praise and censure about So-Sik should be formed in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty. Zhu Xi(朱熹) and the followers of Zhu Zi in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty criticize sharply So-Sik and his literature(文章) on the basis of Jeong Ih(程?)s Studies of the Way of Life(Dohak/道學). But the other scholar-gentry who were more concerned with practical value of literature laid stress on So-Siks literature and affirmed So-Siks study and the other aspect. The middle period of the Joseon dynasty was never a period that demonstrated full establishment of the Neo-Confucian philosophy in Joseon, in terms of politics, ideology and economy. And because it was still not fully integrated into the Joseon society, Neo-Confucianism was not a dominating discourse in the area of literature as well. In fact, the middle period of the Joseon dynasty still had more literary figures who continued to respect and even prioritize the unique and independent role of literature. The criticism So-Sik and his literature on the basis of Zhu Xis Dohak(道學) couldnt take the lead in the discussion in the middle period of the Joseon Dynasty. The positive or negative reaction about So-Sik and his literature are mixed among the middle period of the Joseon Dynasty and the criticism So-Sik and his sentence still reinforce the logic of commentary.
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