Outcomes after aortic aneurysm repair in patients with history of cancer: a nationwide dataset analysis

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Ahn, Sanghyun; Min, Jin-Young; Kim, Hyunyoung G.; Mo, Hyejin; Min, Seung-Kee; Min, Sangil; Ha, Jongwon; Min, Kyoung-Bok

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BMC Surgery, 20(1):85
Abdominal aortic aneurysmCancerMortality
Synchronous cancer in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) increases morbidity and mortality after AAA repair. However, little is known about the impact of the history of cancer on mortality after AAA repair.

Patients with intact AAA who were treated with endovascular aneurysm repair or open surgical repair were selected from the Health Insurance and Review Assessment data in South Korea between 2007 and 2016. Primary endpoints included the 30- and 90-day mortality and long-term mortality after AAA repair. The Cox proportional hazards models were constructed to evaluate independent predictors of mortality.

A total of 1999 patients (17.0%, 1999/11785) were diagnosed with cancer prior to the AAA repair. History of cancer generally had no effect in short-term mortality at 30 and 90 days. However, short-term mortality rate of patients with a history of lung cancer was more than twice that of patients without it (3.07% vs. 1.06%, P = 0.0038, 6.14% vs. 2.69%, P = 0.0016). Furthermore, the mortality rate at the end of the study period was significantly higher in AAA patients with a history of cancer than in those without a history of cancer (21.21% vs. 17.08%, P < .0001, HR, 1.31, 95% CI, 1.17–1.46).

The history of cancer in AAA patients increases long-term mortality but does not affect short-term mortality after AAA repair. However, AAA repair could increase both short- and long-term mortality in patients with lung cancer history, and those cases should be more carefully selected.
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