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Registry of gastric cancer treatment evaluation (REGATE): I baseline disease characteristics

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Bang, Yung-Jue; Yalcin, Suayib; Roth, Arnaud; Hitier, Simon; Ter-Ovanesov, Mikhail; Wu, Chew-Wun; Zalcberg, John

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Blackwell Pub. Asia
Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol.10 No.1, pp.38-52
AimsA better understanding of treatment patterns and outcomes in different countries should improve the management of patients with gastric cancer globally. The REgistry of GAstric Cancer Treatment Evaluation (REGATE) study was established to evaluate variations in gastric cancer disease characteristics and treatment patterns in different parts of the world. MethodsREGATE was a prospective international registry enrolling patients with newly diagnosed gastric cancer at any stage of the disease. ResultsA total of 10299 patients (65% male; mean age 59 years) were recruited in 22 countries between 2004 and 2008. Tumor location at a proximal site was more common in Europe, Latin America and North Africa (approximately 20%) than in Asia-Pacific, where antral location predominated. Signet-ring cell histology predominated except in Europe, where adenocarcinoma was most prevalent. Stage I cancers were more frequent in Asia-Pacific (39%) versus other regions (6-18%), whereas stage IV cancers were more frequent outside Asia-Pacific. Surgery was planned for most patients, although in general fewer patients actually received surgery than originally planned. Adjuvant therapy and palliative care were generally used more frequently than originally planned. Overall, 15% of patients received no treatment (Asia-Pacific 8%; Indian subcontinent 25%). ConclusionsThese results provide a comprehensive database representative of gastric cancer disease characteristics and treatment patterns across the world.
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