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Pan-Asian adapted ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of patients with early breast cancer: a KSMO-ESMO initiative endorsed by CSCO, ISMPO, JSMO, MOS, SSO and TOS

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Park, Y. H.; Senkus-Konefka, E.; Im, S. -A.; Pentheroudakis, G.; Saji, S.; Gupta, S.; Iwata, H.; Mastura, M. Y.; Dent, R.; Lu, Y. -S.; Yin, Y.; Smruti, B. K.; Toyama, T.; Malwinder, S.; Lee, S. C.; Tseng, L. -M.; Kim, J. H.; Kim, T. -Y.; Suh, K. J.; Cardoso, F.; Yoshino, T.; Douillard, J. -Y.

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Oxford University Press
Annals of Oncology, Vol.31 No.4, pp.451-469
In view of the planned new edition of the most recent version of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Clinical Practice Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of primary breast cancer published in 2015, it was decided at the ESMO Asia Meeting in November 2018, by both the ESMO and the Korean Society of Medical Oncology (KSMO), to convene a special face-to-face guidelines meeting in 2019 in Seoul. The aim was to adapt the latest ESMO 2019 guidelines to take into account the ethnic and geographical differences associated with the treatment of early breast cancer in Asian patients. These guidelines represent the consensus opinions reached by experts in the treatment of patients with early breast cancer representing the oncology societies of Korea (KSMO), China (CSCO), India (ISMPO) Japan (JSMO), Malaysia (MOS), Singapore (SSO) and Taiwan (TOS). The voting was based on scientific evidence, and was independent of both the current treatment practices, and the drug availability and reimbursement situations, in the individual participating Asian countries.
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