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Androgen receptor inhibitor enhances the antitumor effect of PARP inhibitor in breast cancer cells by modulating DNA damage response

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Min, Ahrum; Jang, Hyemin; Kim, Seongyeong; Lee, Kyung-Hun; Kim, Debora Keunyoung; Suh, Koung Jin; Yang, Yaewon; Elvin, Paul; O'Connor, Mark J.; Im, Seock-Ah

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American Association for Cancer Research
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Vol.17 No.12, pp.2507-2518
The androgen receptor (AR) is expressed in 60%-70% of breast cancers regardless of estrogen receptor status, and has been proposed as a therapeutic target in breast cancers that retain AR. In this study, the authors aimed to investigate a new treatment strategy using a novel AR inhibitor AZD3514 in breast cancer. AZD3514 alone had a minimal antiproliferative effect on most breast cancer cell lines irrespective of AR expression level, but it downregulated the expressions of DNA damage response (DDR) molecules, including ATM and chk2, which resulted in the accumulation of damaged DNA in some breast cancer cells. Furthermore, AZD3514 enhanced cellular sensitivity to a PARP inhibitor olaparib by blocking the DDR pathway in breast cancer cells. Furthermore, the downregulation of NICX3.1 expression in MDA-MB-468 cells by AZD3514 occurred in parallel with the suppression of ATM-chk2 axis activation, and the suppression of NKX3.1 by AZD3514 was found to result from AZD3514-induced TOPORS upregulation and a resultant increase in NKX3.1 degradation. The study shows posttranslational regulation of NICX3.1 via TOPORS upregulation by AZD3514-induced ATM inactivation-increased olaparib sensitivity in AR-positive and TOPORS-expressing breast cancer cells, and suggests the antitumor effect of AZD3514/olaparib cotreatment is caused by compromised DDR activity in breast cancer cell lines and in a xenograft model. These results provide a rationale for future clinical trials of olaparib/AR inhibitor combination treatment in breast cancer. (C) 2018 AACR.
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