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RhBMP-2 pre-treated human periodontal ligament stem cell sheets regenerate a mineralized layer mimicking dental cementum

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Park, Joo-Young; Park, Chan Ho; Yi, TacGhee; Kim, Si-na; Iwata, Takanori; Yun, Jeong-Ho

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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol.21 No.11, p. 3767
The periodontal complex consisting of alveolar bone, cementum, and periodontal ligaments (PDL) supports human teeth through the systematic orchestration of mineralized tissues and fibrous tissues. Importantly, cementum, the outermost mineralized layer of dental roots, plays an essential role by bridging the inner ligaments from the dental root to the alveolar bone. When the periodontal complex is damaged, the regeneration of each component of the periodontal complex is necessary; however, it is still challenging to achieve complete functional regeneration. In this study, we tried to control the regeneration of cementum and PDL by using a human PDL stem cell (hPDLSC) sheet engineering technology with the pretreatment of recombinant human BMP-2 (rhBMP-2). Isolated hPDLSCs obtained from extracted human teeth were pretreated with rhBMP-2 for in vitro osteogenic differentiation and grafted on the micro/macro-porous biphasic calcium phosphate (MBCP) blocks, which represent dental roots. The MBCPs with hPDLSC sheets were implanted in the subcutaneous layer of immune-compromised mice, and rhBMP-2 pretreated hPDLSC sheets showed higher mineralization and collagen ligament deposition than the no-pretreatment group. Therefore, the rhBMP-2-hPDLSC sheet technique could be an effective strategy for the synchronized regeneration of two different tissues: mineralized tissue and fibrous tissues in periodontal complexes.
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