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Recent Development of Flexible and Stretchable Supercapacitors Using Transition Metal Compounds as Electrode Materials

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Lyu, Lulu; Hooch Antink, Wytse; Kim, Young Seong; Kim, Chae Won; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Piao, Yuanzhe

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Small, Vol.17 No.36, p. 2101974
electrode materials;energy density;flexible and stretchable supercapacitors;transition metal compounds
Flexible and stretchable supercapacitors (FS-SCs) are promising energy storage devices for wearable electronics due to their versatile flexibility/stretchability, long cycle life, high power density, and safety. Transition metal compounds (TMCs) can deliver a high capacitance and energy density when applied as pseudocapacitive or battery-like electrode materials owing to their large theoretical capacitance and faradaic charge-storage mechanism. The recent development of TMCs (metal oxides/hydroxides, phosphides, sulfides, nitrides, and selenides) as electrode materials for FS-SCs are discussed here. First, fundamental energy-storage mechanisms of distinct TMCs, various flexible and stretchable substrates, and electrolytes for FS-SCs are presented. Then, the electrochemical performance and features of TMC-based electrodes for FS-SCs are categorically analyzed. The gravimetric, areal, and volumetric energy density of SC using TMC electrodes are summarized in Ragone plots. More importantly, several recent design strategies for achieving high-performance TMC-based electrodes are highlighted, including material composition, current collector design, nanostructure design, doping/intercalation, defect engineering, phase control, valence tuning, and surface coating. Integrated systems that combine wearable electronics with FS-SCs are introduced. Finally, a summary and outlook on TMCs as electrodes for FS-SCs are provided.
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