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고려후기 분사대장도감 판각 전적의 규모와 그 내용

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한국문화, Vol.97 No., pp. 265-297
분사대장도감(分司大藏都監), 대장도감(大藏都監), 최이(崔怡), 정안(鄭晏), 불교 전적(佛敎典籍), 고려대장경(高麗大藏經),
Bunsa-daejangdogam, Daejang-dogam, Choi-Yi, Jeong-An, Buddhist scriptures, the Tripitaka Koreana
This study reviews the scale and contents of the Buddhist scriptures published by the
Bunsa-dogam. From 1243 to 1248, Bunsa-dogam published 81 kinds of scriptures, 640
volumes. There are 11 Buddhist scriptures and two Collections of Works(詩文集),
including Dacheng Yuja Manshushili Qianbeiqianbo Dajiaowang Jing Sutra(大乘瑜伽曼
殊室利千臂千鉢大敎王經) published in addition to the Tripitaka Koreana. There are two
books that are believed to have been published by Bunsa-dogam. In addition, although it
was recorded as the publication of the Daejang-dogam, there are two books presumed to
be published by the Bunsa-dogam: Hyangyak Gugeub-bang(鄕藥救急方) and
Ilsungbupkeodo-wontonggi(一乘法界圖圓通記). The above 18 kinds are Buddhist
scriptures with publication records of the Bunsa-dogam that have been identified so far.
There are no publication records of the Bunsa-dogam, but there are 18 Buddhist
scriptures that are presumed to be published through the Bunsa-dogam's organization and
manpower. The subject of the publication Buddhist scriptures are divided into
Hwaeomjong, Seonjong, Cheontaejong, Beopsangjong, and Buddhist scriptures that do not
have a specific sect.
Choi-Yi (崔怡) and Jeong-An (鄭晏) were practically involved in the operation of the
Bunsa-dogam, and the publication of the Bunsa-dogam and its relatedness were reviewed
through the Buddhist scriptures they published. There are six Buddhist scriptures related
to Choi-Yi's publication, and it is presumed that the Buddhist scriptures published after
1243 utilized the organization and personnel of the Bunsa-dogam.
Jeong-An donated private materials to the publication project of the Tripitaka Koreana,
and published a number of Buddhist scriptures while working on the basis of Jinju,
Hadong, and Namhae. It is presumed that the five Buddhist scriptures published by
Jeong-An were published through the organization and personnel of the Bunsa-dogam
while the publication of the Tripitaka Koreana was in progress.
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