BOSS: Bandwidth-optimized search accelerator for storage-class memory

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Heo, Jun; Lee, Seung Yul; Min, Sunhong; Park, Yeonhong; Jung, Sung Jun; Jun Ham, Tae; Lee, Jae Wook

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Conference Proceedings - Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ISCA, Vol.2021-June, pp.279-291
© 2021 IEEE.Search is one of the most popular and important web services. The inverted index is the standard data structure adopted by most full-text search engines. Recently, custom hardware accelerators for inverted index search have emerged to demonstrate much higher throughput than the conventional CPU or GPU. However, less attention has been paid to addressing the memory capacity pressure with inverted index. The conventional DDRx DRAM memory system significantly increases the system cost to make a terabyte-scale main memory. Instead, a shared memory pool composed of storage-class memory (SCM) devices is a promising alternative for scaling memory capacity at a much lower cost. However, this SCM-based pooled memory poses new challenges caused by the limited bandwidth of both SCM devices and the shared interconnect to the host CPU. Thus, we propose BOSS, the first near-data processing (NDP) architecture for inverted index search on SCM-based pooled memory, which maintains high throughput of query processing in this bandwidth- constrained environment. BOSS mitigates the impact of low bandwidth of SCM devices by employing early-termination search algorithms, reducing the footprint of intermediate data, and introducing a programmable decompression module that can select the best compression scheme for a given inverted index. Furthermore, BOSS includes a top-k selection module in hardware to substantially reduce the host-accelerator bandwidth consumption. Compared to Apache Lucene, a production-grade search engine library, running on 8 CPU cores, BOSS achieves a geomean speedup of 8.1× on various complex query types, while reducing the average energy consumption by 189×.
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