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Large-Scale, Lightweight, and Robust Nanocomposites Based on Ruthenium-Decorated Carbon Nanosheets for Deformable Electrochemical Capacitors

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Jun, Jong Han; Lee, Yu-Ki; Kim, Juhee; Song, Hyeonjun; Jeong, Youngjin; Kim, Changsoon; Lee, Ji-Hoon; Choi, In-Suk

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American Chemical Society
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Vol.14 No.10, pp.12193-12203
© 2022 American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.Despite the increase in demand for deformable electrochemical capacitors as a power source for wearable electronics, significant obstacles remain in developing these capacitors, including their manufacturing complexity and insufficient deformability. With recognition of these challenges, a facile strategy is proposed to fabricate large-scale, lightweight, and mechanically robust composite electrodes composed of ruthenium nanoparticles embedded in freestanding carbon nanotube (CNT)-based nanosheets (Ru@a-CNTs). Surface-modified CNT sheets with hierarchical porous structures can behave as an ideal platform to accommodate a large number of uniformly distributed Ru nanoparticles (Ru/CNT weight ratio of 5:1) while improving compatibility with aqueous electrolytes. Accordingly, Ru@a-CNTs offer a large electrochemically active area, showing a high specific capacitance (∼253.3 F g-1) and stability for over 2000 cycles. More importantly, the exceptional performance and mechanical durability of quasi-solid-state capacitors assembled with Ru@a-CNTs and a PVA-H3PO4hydrogel electrolyte are successfully demonstrated in that 94% of the initial capacitance is retained after 100 »000 cycles of bending deformation and a commercial smartwatch is charged by multiple cells. The feasible large-scale production and potential applicability shown in this study provide a simple and highly effective design strategy for a wide range of energy storage applications from small- to large-scale wearable electronics.
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Research Area High Temperature Alloys, High Strength , Nano Mechanics and Nano Structure Design for Ultra Strong Materials, Shape and Pattern Design for Engineering Materials


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