간월호 유역의 토지이용 및 기후변화에 따른 논밭 필요수량 변화 추정 : Estimation of Crop Water Requirement Changes Due to Future Land Use and Climate Changes in Lake Ganwol Watershed

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김시내; 김석현; 황순호; 전상민; 송정헌; 강문성

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한국농공학회논문집, Vol.63 No.6, pp.61-75
This study aims to assess the changes in crop water requirement of paddy and upland according to future climate and land use changes scenarios.
Changes in the spatiotemporal distribution of temperature and precipitation are factors that lower the stability of agricultural water supply, and predicting the changes in crop water requirement in consideration of climate change can prevent the waste of limited water resources. Meanwhile, due to the recent changes in the agricultural product consumption structure, the area of paddy and upland has been changing, and it is necessary to consider future land use changes in establishing an appropriate water use plan. Climate change scenarios were derived from the four GCMs of the CMIP6, and climate data were extracted under two future scenarios, namely SSP1-2.6 and SSP5-8.5. Future land use changes were predicted using the FLUS (Future Land Use Simulation) model. Crop water requirement in paddy was calculated as the sum of evapotranspiration and infiltration based on the water balance in a paddy field, and crop water requirement in upland was estimated as the evapotranspiration value by applying Penman-Monteith method. It was found that the crop water requirement for both paddy and upland increased as w e go to the far future, and the degree of increase and variability by time showed different results for each GCM. The results derived from this study can be used as basic data to develop sustainable water resource management techniques considering future watershed environmental changes.
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