The intergenerational transmission of maternal adverse childhood experiences on offsprings psychiatric disorder and the mediating role of maternal depression: Results from a cross sectional study

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Kang, Na Ri; Kwack, Young Sook; Song, Jung-Kook; Kim, Moon-Doo; Park, Joon Hyuk; Kim, Bung-Nyun; Moon, Duk-Soo

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Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
© The Author(s) 2022.Maternal adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) may negatively affect the mental health and development of their offspring. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of maternal ACE and offsprings psychiatric disorder and the mediating effect of maternal depression. The subjects included 463 mothers (42.78 ± 5.68 years) and their offspring aged 6–18 years (13.26 ± 3.90 years). Mothers reported their ACE before age 18 and completed the Beck Depression Inventory-II and Diagnostic Predictive Scales (DPS), a screening tool for offsprings psychiatric disorder. 35.42% of subjects had at least one ACE, and 11.0% reported three or more ACEs. Higher maternal ACE scores were associated with a significantly higher prevalence of offsprings psychiatric disorders (p < 0.001). Household dysfunction of maternal ACE (OR = 2.263, p < 0.001) is significantly associated with offsprings psychiatric disorder. In the mediation model in which the household dysfunction affects the number of offsprings psychiatric disorders, the partial mediation model through maternal depression was significant. The mothers experience of household dysfunction before the age of 18 has a significant impact on her offsprings psychiatric disorder and supported significant mediation through maternal depression. Further research is needed to determine the mechanisms of intergenerational transmission of ACE and offsprings psychopathology.
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