Analysis of Cancer Patient Decision-Making and Health Service Utilization after Enforcement of the Life-Sustaining Treatment Decision-Making Act in Korea

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Kim, Dalyong; Yoo, Shin Hye; Seo, Seyoung; Lee, Hyun Jung; Kim, Min Sun; Shin, Sung Joon; Lim, Chi-Yeon; Kim, Do Yeun; Heo, Dae Seog; Lim, Chae-Man

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Cancer Research and Treatment, Vol.54 No.1, pp.20-29
Copyright © 2022 by the Korean Cancer Association.Purpose This study aimed to confirm the decision-making patterns for life-sustaining treatment (LST) and analyze medical service utilization changes after enforcement of the Life-Sustaining Treatment Decision-Making Act. Materials and Methods Of 1,237 patients who completed legal forms for life-sustaining treatment (hereafter called the LST form) at three academic hospitals and died at the same institutions, 1,018 cancer patients were included. Medical service utilization and costs were analyzed using claims data. Results The median time to death from completion of the LST form was three days (range, 0 to 248 days). Of these, 517 people died within two days of completing the document, and 36.1% of all patients prepared the LST form themselves. The frequency of use of the intensive care unit, continuous renal replacement therapy, and mechanical ventilation was significantly higher when the families filled out the form without knowing the patients intention. In the top 10% of the medical expense groups, the decision-makers for LST were family members rather than patients (28% patients vs. 32% family members who knew and 40% family members who did not know the patients intention). Conclusion The cancer patients own decision-making rather than the familys decision was associated with earlier decision-making, less use of some critical treatments (except chemotherapy) and expensive evaluations, and a trend toward lower medical costs.
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