Brain parenchymal angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma and spinal myxoid mesenchymal tumor with FET: CREB fusion, a spectrum of the same tumor type

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Kim, Na Rae; Kim, Seong-Ik; Park, Jin Woo; Park, Chul-Kee; Chung, Chun Kee; Choi, Seung-Hong; Yun, Hongseok; Park, Sung-Hye

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Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Neuropathology, Vol.42 No.4, pp.257-268
Angiomatoid fibrous histiocytomas (AFH) is a rare soft tissue tumor of intermediate malignant potential, and its histology is diverse. It can occur in several organs including intracranial and soft tissues. Here, we report two cases of brain parenchymal classic AFH and spinal extramedullary myxoid mesenchymal tumor with clinicopathological and molecular investigations by next-generation sequencing and a comprehensive review. The current brain parenchymal AFH occurred in a 79-year-old woman, and the spinal myxoid mesenchymal tumor arose in the thoracic spine of a 28-year-old woman; both harbored FET:CREB fusion. The current brain parenchymal AFH has not recurred for 15-months follow-up period, but the spinal myxoid mesenchymal tumor recurred three times and metastasized to T8 spine level for 30-months follow-up period. We reviewed 40 reported cases of central nervous system (CNS) AFHs/myxoid mesenchymal tumors including our two cases to identify clinicopathological features and biological behaviors. They occur with a slight female predominance (M:F = 1:1.7) in children and young adults (median age: 17 years; range: 4-79 years old). Approximately 80% of CNS AFHs were younger than 30 year. Most of them were dura-based and were not just intracranial tumors as they occurred anywhere in the CNS including spinal dura. EWSR1 rearrangement was the most common driver (98%), including FET:CREB (33%), EWSR1:ATF1 (30%), and EWSR1:CREM (27%) fusions, but FUS:CREM fusion (2%) was also present. During the follow-up period (median: 27 months), 43% (17/40) of CNS AFHs recurred between two months and 11 years, and multiple recurrences were also observed. One case showed metastases to the lymph nodes and vertebrae, and among 11 cases that resulted in death, four cases provided available clinical data. Because these tumors are identical to soft tissue AFH or primary pulmonary myxoid sarcoma with an FET:CREB fusion in morphological and immunohistochemical spectra, the authors propose incorporating the two tumor terms into one.
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