CoRe를 활용한 수업 설계가 이공계열 교수의 수업 전문성에 미치는 영향 : The influences of lecture design using CoRe upon professor's teaching professionalism in college of science-engineering

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송나윤; 홍주연; 노태희; 한재영

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대한화학회지, Vol.64 No.2, pp.84-98
© 2020 Korean Chemical Society. All rights reserved.In this study, we analyzed the influences of lecture design using CoRe upon the professor's teaching professionalism in the aspects of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). The participants are three professors from the college of science-engineering located in Chungcheong-do. After collecting their syllabi, we observed their lecture and conducted the orientation. Afterward, we collected the CoRes which they prepared before the lecture. Then we observed their lecture and conducted semi-structured interviews. This process was carried out twice. We analyzed their syllabi, CoRes, videotaped lectures, field notes, the teaching materials, and interview transcripts. The results revealed that professors not only clarified the learning objectives and the characteristics of students but also reflected them in the lecture. In addition, they established the teaching strategies according to the characteristics of contents in the unit. As they recognized the necessity of understanding students' achievement, they selected the assessment method and applied it in the lecture. In some cases, however, they lacked presenting learning objectives specifically and explained students' misconceptions without inducing new concepts. They also presented a shortage of considering students' prior knowledge. They lacked providing students with an opportunity to participate in lectures, and their assessment method was not effective. Based on the results, we discussed implications to improve teaching professionalism using CoRe.
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