Elucidating the characteristics of Mx1 and resistance to influenza A virus subtype H1N1 in the newly developed KWM/Hym mice

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Nam, Hajin; Kim, Boyoung; Gautam, Avishekh; Kim, Yoo Yeon; Park, Eun Sun; Lee, Jong Sun; Kwon, Hyung-Joo; Seong, Je Kyung; Suh, Jun Gyo

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Laboratory Animal Research, Vol.38 No.1, p. 28
Background Inbred mice have several advantages, including genetic similarity to humans, a well-established gene manipulation system, and strong tolerance to inbreeding. However, inbred mice derived from a limited genetic pool have a small genetic diversity. Thus, the development of new inbred strains from wild mice is needed to overcome this limitation. Hence, in this study, we used a new strain of inbred mice called KWM/Hym. We sequenced the Mx1 gene to elucidate the genetic diversities of KWM/Hym mice and observed the biological alterations of the Mx1 protein upon influenza A infection. Results The Mx1 gene in KWM/Hym mice had 2, 4, and 38 nucleotide substitutions compared to those in the Mx1 gene in A2G, CAST/EiJ, and Mus spretus mice, respectively. Moreover, the Mx1 protein in KWM/Hym mice had 2 and 25 amino acid substitutions compared to those in the Mx1 protein in CAST/EiJ and M. spretus mice, respectively. To elucidate the function of the Mx1 protein, we inoculated the influenza A virus (A/WSN/1933) in KWM/Hym mice. Nine days after infection, all infected KWM/Hym mice survived without any weight loss. Four days after infection, the lungs of the infected KWM/Hym mice showed mild alveolitis and loss of bronchiolar epithelium; however, the pulmonary viral titers of the infected KWM/Hym mice were significantly lower than that in the infected BALB/c mice (2.17 x plaque-forming units mL(-1)). Conclusions Our results demonstrate that the KWM/Hym mice are resistant to influenza A virus infection. Further, these mice can be used as a model organism to understand the mechanism of influenza A virus susceptibility.
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