문헌연구와 실지답사를 결합한 한중 국경문제의 재검토 : 문헌연구와 실지답사를 결합한 한중 국경문제의 재검토 - 이화자, <<백두산 답사와 한중 국경사>>의 소개와 서평

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동양사학연구 No.151, pp.225-252
This book introduced here is the third study on the subject by the professor Li Huazi(李花子), who is a well-known researcher through active activities in Korea and China. This book consists of 4 Parts. The first part is about the Baekdu Mountain Border set(白頭山定界) in 1712, the second part is about the several problems of the recent studies around the Korea-China Border, the third part is about the problems of the so-called Gando problem(間島問題) in early 20th century between China and Japan, and the last part is the record of Baekdu Mountain exploration by herself. This book has contributed significantly to the progress of academic research by removing the many errors and misunderstandings by neatly cleaning up the various issues of the previous researches. It can be pointed out that this complement is based on the author's own exploration as well as extensive research on Chinese and Korea's literature.
This high evaluation of the book's performance is due to the following findings of her. First, she corrected the wrong view that the valley and stream of Tomun River(土門江) along the east side of the Baekdu mountain link to the Songhua River(松花江). Second, by reaffirming the Installations set by the the valley and stream of Tomun River(土門江), which extends from Tomun River to Duman River(豆滿江), She completely reproduced the real results of the Baekdu Mountain Border set of 1712. Due to this discovery, Now we can reliably recreate the old Korea-China Border line. So, We can say that Professor Li huazi made a decisive contribution to resolving the mystery of Baekdu Mountain Border monument(白頭山定界碑), which has long puzzled researchers interested in this issue.
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