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Sequential Nano-Penetrators of Capillarized Liver Sinusoids and Extracellular Matrix Barriers for Liver Fibrosis Therapy

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Zhang, Ling-Feng; Wang, Xing-Huan; Zhang, Cheng-Lu; Lee, Jaiwoo; Duan, Bo-Wen; Xing, Lei; Li, Ling; Oh, Yu-Kyoung; Jiang, Hu-Lin

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American Chemical Society
ACS Nano, Vol.16 No.9, pp.14029-14042
During liver fibrogenesis, liver sinusoidal capillarization and extracellular matrix (ECM) deposition construct dual pathological barriers to drug delivery. Upon capillarization, the vanished fenestrae in liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs) significantly hinder substance exchange between blood and liver cells, while excessive ECM further hinders the delivery of nanocarriers to activated hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). Herein, an efficient nanodrug delivery system was constructed to sequentially break through the capillarized LSEC barrier and the deposited ECM barrier. For the first barrier, LSEC-targeting and fenestrae-repairing nanoparticles (named HA-NPs/SMV) were designed on the basis of the modification with hyaluronic acid and the loading of simvastatin (SMV). For the second barrier, collagenase I and vitamin A codecorated nanoparticles with collagen-ablating and HSC-targeting functions (named CV-NPs/siCol1 alpha 1) were prepared to deliver siCol1 alpha 1 with the goal of inhibiting collagen generation and HSC activation. Our in vivo results showed that upon encountering the capillarized LSEC barrier, HA-NPs/SMV rapidly released SMV and exerted a fenestrae-repairing function, which allowed more CV-NPs/siCol1 alpha 1 to enter the space of Disse to degrade deposited collagen and finally to achieve higher accumulation in activated HSCs. Scanning electronic microscopy images showed the recovery of liver sinusoids, and analysis of liver tissue sections demonstrated that HA-NPs/SMV and CV-NPs/siCol1 alpha 1 had a synergetic effect. Our pathological barrier-normalization strategy provides an antifibrotic therapeutic regimen.
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