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Design strategies for adhesive hydrogels with natural antibacterial agents as wound dressings: Status and trends

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Yao, Hang; Wu, Ming; Lin, Liwei; Wu, Zhonglian; Bae, Minjun; Park, Sumin; Wang, Shuli; Zhang, Wang; Gao, Jiefeng; Wang, Dongan; Piao, Yuanzhe

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Materials Today Bio, Vol.16, p. 100429
The wound healing process is usually susceptible to different bacterial infections due to the complex physiological environment, which significantly impairs wound healing. The topical application of antibiotics is not desirable for wound healing because the excessive use of antibiotics might cause bacteria to develop resistance and even the production of super bacteria, posing significant harm to human well-being. Wound dressings based on adhesive, biocompatible, and multi-functional hydrogels with natural antibacterial agents have been widely recognized as effective wound treatments. Hydrogels, which are three-dimensional (3D) polymer networks cross-linked through physical interactions or covalent bonds, are promising for topical antibacterial applications because of their excellent adhesion, antibacterial properties, and biocompatibility. To further improve the healing performance of hydrogels, various modification methods have been developed with superior biocompatibility, antibacterial activity, mechanical properties, and wound repair capabilities. This review summarizes hundreds of typical studies on various ingredients, preparation methods, antibacterial mechanisms, and internal antibacterial factors to understand adhesive hydrogels with natural antibacterial agents for wound dressings. Additionally, we provide prospects for adhesive and antibacterial hydrogels in biomedical applications and clinical research.
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