한국에서의 통신,방송 융합 규제문제에 관한 연구 : Regulation for the Convergence of Telecommunications and Broadcasting in Korea: Regulatory Issues Concerning Barriers to the Convergence

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Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
Journal of Communication Research, Vol.33, pp. 111-131
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The industry of information and telecommunication has been drastically changed. The main reason of this change has been based on the development of information technology. Until recently the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors had provided distinct services to consumer and each sector had been governed by a diverse set of regulations which could be distinguished on the basis of their technical characteristics. But with the technical development of digital, broadband and integration of networks have led to the development of new services. It has blurred production-based distinctions between major industries such as broadcasting and telecommunications. As new services emerge, it is difficult to distinguish each services and clarify its identification. VOD(Video on Demand), internet broadcasting, and other interactive services cannot be defined in traditional terms of telecommunications or broadcasting. This unclear characteristics make it difficult to have a regulatory framework for the new services.
In addition to the convergence of services and networks, the convergence of industries has emerged at a rapid pace. We see today the convergence of industries is dominant in the sector of broadcasting and telecommunications across the world. In the U.S., since 1980s merger and acquisition of broadcasting, telecommunication and, audiovisual industries have happened widely. Moreover, with the 1996 Telecommunication Act allowing broadcasters and telcos to enter into each other's sector, this trend has been accelerated. The Act opens all communications services to
competition, creating a 'digital free-for-all' (Baldwin, 1996:1).
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