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A study for production simulation model generation system based on data model at a shipyard

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Back, Myung-Gi; Lee, Dong-Kun; Shin, Jong-Gye; Woo, Jong-Hoon

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International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Vol.8 No.5, pp.496-510
Simulation technology is a type of shipbuilding product lifecycle management solution used to support production planning or decision making. Normally, most shipbuilding processes are consisted of job shop production, and the modeling and simulation require professional skills and experience on shipbuilding. For these reasons, many shipbuilding companies have difficulties adapting simulation systems, regardless of the necessity for the technology. In this paper, the data model for shipyard production simulation model generation was defined by analyzing the iterative simulation modeling procedure. The shipyard production simulation data model defined in this study contains the information necessary for the conventional simulation modeling procedure and can serve as a basis for simulation model generation. The efficacy of the developed system was validated by applying it to the simulation model generation of the panel block production line. By implementing the initial simulation model generation process, which was performed in the past with a simulation modeler, the proposed system substantially reduced the modeling time. In addition, by reducing the difficulties posed by different modeler-dependent generation methods, the proposed system makes the standardization of the simulation model quality possible. Copyright (C) 2016 Society of Naval Architects of Korea. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.V.
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