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Effects of creative dance-based exercise on gait performance in adolescents with cerebral palsy

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Joung, Hee Joung; Park, Jaebum; Ahn, Jooeun; Park, Moon Seok; Lee, Yongho

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Journal of exercise rehabilitation, Vol.16 No.4, pp.332-343
The purpose of this study is to explore the feasibility and therapeutic potential of creative dance (CD) based exercise as a rehabilitation intervention for adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP). Participants were 10 adolescents with spastic CP (mean age, 17.5 +/- 2.12 years; Gross Motor Function Classification System levels I [n=3] and II [n=7]). Outcome measures included the Gross Motor Function Measure-88 (GMFM-88; dimensions D and El, spatiotemporal gait parameters, lower limb range of motion during walking, and body image, assessed using the Body Cathexis Scale (BCS). CD was provided in 2-hr classes, twice weekly, for 12 weeks, during which participants learned movement concepts and developed their own movement All participants completed the intervention, with an attendance rate of 98% and high satisfaction rating. GMFM-88 dimensions D (P=0.01) and E (P=0.005); walking speed (P= 0.005), cadence (P=0.009), step (P=0.005), and stride length (P=0.005); and sagittal ranges of motions of hip (P=0.009) and ankle (P=0.03) during walking were significantly improved. The time of opposite foot off (P= 0.028) and first double-limb support (P=0.028) significantly decreased, whereas the percentage of single-limb support time (P=0.02) increased. Additionally, BCS scores were significantly improved. In conclusions, CD-based exercise can improve gross motor function, gait performance, and body image in adolescents with CP.
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Research Area Cerebral palsy, Medical image, Motion analysis, Pediatric orthopedic surgery, Statistics in orthopedic research


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