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Wheelbase preview control of an active suspension with a disturbance-decoupled observer to improve vehicle ride comfort

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Kwon, Baek-Soon; Kang, Daejun; Yi, Kyongsu

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Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, Vol.234 No.6, pp.1725-1745
This article deals with the design of a partial preview active suspension control algorithm for the improvement of vehicle ride comfort. Generally, while preview-controlled active suspension systems have even greater potential than feedback-controlled systems, their main challenge is obtaining preview information of the road profile ahead. A critical drawback of the "look-ahead" sensors is an increased risk of incorrect detection influenced by water, snow, and other soft obstacles on the road. In this work, a feasible wheelbase preview suspension control algorithm without information about the road elevation has been developed based on a novel 3-degree-of-freedom full-car dynamic model which incorporates only the vehicle body dynamics. The main advantage of the employed vehicle model is that the system disturbance input vector consists of vertical wheel accelerations that can be measured easily. The measured acceleration information of the front wheels is used for predictive control of the rear suspension to stabilize the body motion. The suspension state estimator has also been designed to completely remove the effect of unknown road disturbance on the state estimation error. The estimation performance of an observer is verified via a simulation study and field tests. The performance of the proposed suspension controller is evaluated on a frequency domain and time domain via a simulation study. It is shown that the vehicle ride comfort can be improved more by the proposed wheelbase preview control approach than by the feedback approach.
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