관수조절에 의한 벽면녹화의 냉각효과 분석 연구 - 아이비, 수호초를 식재한 모듈형 벽면녹화를 중심으로 : A field Study to Evaluate Cooling Effects of Green Facade under Different Irrigation Conditions - Focusing on modular green facade planted with Hedera helix L and Pachysandra terminalis -

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김은섭; 윤석환; 박정강; 전윤호; 강혜원; 김상혁; 김지연; 이용구; 이동근

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한국환경복원기술학회지, Vol.24 No.6, pp.121-132
Green facade has a significant impact on buildings energy performance by controlling the absorption of solar radiation and improving outdoor thermal comfort through shading and evapotranspiration. In particular, since high-density building does not enough green space, green facade, and rooftop greening using artificial ground plants are highly utilized. However, the level of cooling effect according to plant traits and irrigation control is different. Therefore, in this study, the cooling effect analyzed for a total of 4 cases by controlling the irrigation condition based on hedera and spurge. Although hedera under sufficient water had the highest cooling effect(–2℃~-4℃), had the lowest cooling effect under non-irrigation(+1.1℃~+4.4℃). In addition, hedera under sufficient water had cooling effect than hedera under non-irrigation(-1℃~-8.1℃) and in the case of spurge, it had cooling effect(-0.3℃~-7.8℃) more than non-irrigation. As a result of measuring the amount of transpiration according to the light intensity (PAR) and carbon dioxide concentration conditions, transpiration of hedera was higher than the spurge (respectively 0.63204, 0.674367). The difference in the cooling effect of the green facade under irrigation condition was significant. But the potential cooling effect of green facade according to plants species was different. Therefore, in order to maximize and continuously provide the cooling effect of green facade in urban areas, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of plants and the control of water supply through the irrigation system.
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