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Role of Local Conductivities in the Plasmon Reflections at the Edges and Stacking Domain Boundaries of Trilayer Graphene

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Choi, Boogeon; Jeong, Gyouil; Ahn, Seongjin; Lee, Hankyul; Jang, Yunsu; Park, Baekwon; Bechtel, Hans A.; Hong, Byung Hee; Min, Hongki; Kim, Zee Hwan

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American Chemical Society
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol.14 No.36, pp.8157-8164
We employed infrared scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy (IR-sSNOM) to study surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) in trilayer graphene (TLG). Our study reveals systematic differences in near-field IR spectra and SPP wavelengths between Bernal (ABA) and rhombohedral (ABC) TLG domains on SiO2, which can be explained by stacking-dependent intraband conductivities. We also observed that the SPP reflection profiles at ABA-ABC boundaries could be mostly accounted for by an idealized domain boundary defined by the conductivity discontinuity. However, we identified distinct shapes in the SPP profiles at the edges of the ABA and ABC TLG, which cannot be solely attributed to idealized edges with stacking-dependent conductivities. Instead, this can be explained by the presence of various edge structures with local conductivities differing from those of bulk TLGs. Our findings unveil a new structural element that can control SPP, and provide insights into the structures and electronic states of the edges of few-layer graphene.
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