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Outcomes of minimal change disease without nephrotic range proteinuria

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Son, Hyung Eun; Yun, Giae; Kwon, Eun-Jeong; Park, Seokwoo; Jeong, Jong Cheol; Kim, Sejoong; Na, Ki Young; Paik, Jin Ho; Chin, Ho Jun

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Public Library of Science
PLoS ONE, Vol.18 No.8, p. e0289870
Minimal change disease (MCD) is characterized by edema and nephrotic range proteinuria (NS). However, the fate of MCD without nephrotic proteinuria requires elucidation. We retrospectively reviewed 79 adults diagnosed with primary MCD at their initial renal biopsy at a tertiary hospital between May 2003 and June 2017. Clinicopathologic features were compared between patients with and without NS. The frequency of flaring to nephrotic proteinuria and renal outcomes were assessed during follow-up. There were 20 and 59 patients in the Non-NS and NS groups, respectively. The Non-NS group had a lower frequency of acute kidney injury (AKI) during the follow-up period [5.0% vs. 59.3%, p <0.001]. The response rate to steroid treatment was 100% in the Non-NS group and 92.3% in the NS group (p = 1.000). Except for one patient, the Non-NS group was treated with steroids when their proteinuria increased to a nephrotic level. There were no differences in the frequency of the first relapse or the number of relapses among patients with initial remission from nephrotic range proteinuria. At the final visit, the complete remission rate was 73.4%. The estimated glomerular filtration rate during follow-up was significantly better in the NS group than the Non-NS group, given the higher rates of AKI at renal biopsy. The rates of renal events, end-stage renal disease, and mortality did not differ between the groups. Adult MCD patients with nephrotic and non-nephrotic range proteinuria showed similar outcomes. Accordingly, this population must be carefully managed, regardless of the amount of proteinuria at renal biopsy.
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