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Influence of dike-induced morphologic and sedimentologic changes on the benthic ecosystem in the sheltered tidal flats, Saemangeum area, west coast of Korea

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Kim, Dohyeong; Jo, Joohee; Kim, Bora; Ryu, Jongseong; Choi, Kyungsik

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Pergamon Press Ltd.
Environmental Pollution, Vol.257, p. 113507
The effects of dike construction on the geomorphology and sedimentary processes of tidal flats were investigated using high-precision topographic profiling, short cores, and unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV)-assisted photogrammetry to understand their adverse consequences on the benthic ecosystem. Tidal flats at the south of Shinsi Island near one of the two sluice gates of the Saemangeum dike, display prominent morphologic features known as shelly sand ridges or cheniers (sensu Otvos, 2000) that have migrated landward about 5 m in a year. The tidal flats were dominated by erosion from winter to spring and by deposition during the remainder of the year except for the periods of heavy precipitation when tidal drainage channels became larger and deeper by headward erosion. With overall coarser-grained surface sediments, the presence of actively migrating wave-built cheniers are in stark contrast to muddy tidal flats with a monotonous morphology before the completion of the Saemangeum dike in 2006. Southeasterly waves reflected from the dike during winter to spring when north to northwesterly winds prevail account for the wave-induced onshore sediment transport and rapid morphologic changes in the tidal flats despite their location protected from offshore waves. The diversity and biomass of major macrofauna species tend to increase during rapid erosion and decrease during rapid deposition, highlighting the anthropogenic effect of dike-induced physical disturbance on the benthic ecosystem in the otherwise sheltered tidal flats. (C) 2019 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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