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Tracing the Giant Outer Halo of the Mysterious Massive Disk Galaxy M104. I. Photometry of the Extended Globular Cluster Systems

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Kang, Jisu; Lee, Myung Gyoon; Jang, In Sung; Ko, Youkyung; Sohn, Jubee; Hwang, Narae; Park, Byeong-Gon

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University of Chicago Press
Astrophysical Journal, Vol.939 No.2, p. 74
M104 (NGC 4594, the Sombrero galaxy) is a mysterious massive early-type galaxy that shows a dominant bulge and a prominent disk. However, the presence of a halo in M104 has been elusive, and it is not yet known howM104 has acquired such a peculiar structure. Using wide (similar to 2 deg(2)) and deep ugi images of M104 obtained with the CFHT/Mega Cam, we detect a large number of globular clusters (GCs) found out to R asymptotic to 35' (similar to 100 kpc). The color distribution of these GCs shows two subpopulations: a blue (metal-poor) system and a red (metal-rich) system. The total number of GCs is estimated to be N-GC= 1610 +/- 30 and the specific frequency to be S-N=1.8 +/- 0.1. The radial number density profile of the GCs is steep in the inner region at R < 20' and becomes shallow in the outer region at 20' < R < 35'. The outer region is dominated by blue GCs and is extended out toR35 & raquo;cent. This shows clearly the existence of a giant metal-poor halo in M104. The inner region is composed of a bulge hosting a disk, corresponding to a metal-rich halo as seen in early-type galaxies. At least two clumps of blue GCs are found in the outer region. One clump is overlapped with a faint stellar stream located in the southwest, indicating that it may be a remnant of a disrupted dwarf galaxy. Our results imply that the metal-rich inner halo ofM104 formed first via major mergers, and the metal-poor outer halo grew via numerous minor mergers
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