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Area-selective chalcogenization of transition metals through graphene mask

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Song, Jaekwang; Lee, Jong-Hwan; Park, Seoungwoong; Lee, Yunseok; Kim, Chan-Jin; Ahn, Minchul; Hong, Byung Hee

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Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP)
2D Materials, Vol.11 No.2, p. 025005
Area-selection reactions have been extensively investigated to control or change physicochemical properties of substances with micro- or nanoscale precision. Several polymeric materials called photoresists have been used to mask and pattern the specific region, which can block chemical reactions or deposition. However, they are not suitable for certain chemical reaction since they are vulnerable to high temperature. Here, we report the graphene mask to achieve area-selective chalcogenization, which is performed at high temperature by chemical vapor deposition method. Due to its physicochemical properties, graphene does not allow chalcogen precursor gases to penetrate into metal films. Several characterizations are performed to prove the successful sulfurization and selenization of molybdenum and tungsten films. As an application, WS2 field-effect transistors with graphene mask are fabricated, and they show the typical characteristics of transistors successfully. Therefore, we expect that graphene-assisted area-selective reaction can be utilized for various fields such as semiconductors, sensors, and etc.
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