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Strategy to develop broadly effective multivalent COVID-19 vaccines against emerging variants based on Ad5/35 platform

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Chang, Soojeong; Shin, Kwang-Soo; Park, Bongju; Park, Seowoo; Shin, Jieun; Park, Hyemin; Jung, In Kyung; Kim, Jong Heon; Bae, Seong Eun; Kim, Jae-Ouk; Baek, Seung Ho; Kim, Green; Hong, Jung Joo; Seo, Hyungseok; Volz, Erik; Kang, Chang-Yuil

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National Academy of Sciences
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol.121 No.10, p. 2313681121
The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Omicron strain has evolved into highly divergent variants with several sub-lineages. These newly emerging variants threaten the efficacy of available COVID-19 vaccines. To mitigate the occurrence of breakthrough infections and re-infections, and more importantly, to reduce the disease burden, it is essential to develop a strategy for producing updated multivalent vaccines that can provide broad neutralization against both currently circulating and emerging variants. We developed bivalent vaccine AdCLD-CoV19-1 BA.5/BA.2.75 and trivalent vaccines AdCLD-CoV19-1 XBB/BN.1/BQ.1.1 and AdCLD-CoV19-1 XBB.1.5/BN.1/BQ.1.1 using an Ad5/35 platform-based non-replicating recombinant adenoviral vector. We compared immune responses elicited by the monovalent and multivalent vaccines in mice and macaques. We found that the BA.5/BA.2.75 bivalent and the XBB/BN.1/BQ.1.1 and XBB.1.5/BN.1/BQ.1.1 trivalent vaccines exhibited improved cross-neutralization ability compared to their respective monovalent vaccines. These data suggest that the developed multivalent vaccines enhance immunity against circulating Omicron subvariants and effectively elicit neutralizing antibodies across a broad spectrum of SARS-CoV-2 variants.
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