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Determinants of Dentist–Patient Relationships: A Scoping Review

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Choi, Hyejin; Kim, Ryan Jin-Young; Park, Shin-Young; Lee, Jihyun; Song, Youngha

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FDI World Dental Press Ltd.
International Dental Journal
Objectives: The dentist–patient relationship (DPR) is considered to be a key element in dental clinical settings. This scoping review aimed to examine the extent of previous research on DPR, focussing on its determinants for the reification of the construct. Methods: This research was directed by the guidance for systematic scoping reviews from the Joanna Briggs Institute. The inclusion/exclusion criteria were based on participants of general adults and dentists, the concept of determinants of DPR, and the context of dental health care encounters. A literature search was performed in 6 major electronic databases in July 2023. Key information from included articles was extracted to chart the results, mainly to identify the determinants of DPR. Each determinant of DPR was classified according to the conceptual model of DPR. Results: A total of 1727 records were initially identified, and 16 articles were included in the review. Nine studies used a quantitative method and 7 were nonempirical articles. All but 2 articles were from the perspective of patients. Factors were grouped into 6 main domains: dentist, patient, society/environment, clinical structure, clinical process, and outcome. Amongst the 6 domains of DPR, most determining factors were related to the clinical process. "Communication was most frequently counted, at 8 times, followed by trust (frequency, 6). At the patient level, dental fear/anxiety was frequently used to measure DPR. Conclusions: Previous literature about DPR indicated a few common and dentistry-specific determinants from the patient perspective. Further studies are encouraged to develop a more comprehensive framework and evaluation scale of DPR.
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