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서울과 부산 지역 여름철 기후 특성 및 거주자의 열 스트레스 인지와 체온조절성 행동 : 2021년과 2022년 여름 비교 분석 : Heat Stress and Thermoregulatory Behavior of Seoul and Busan Residents: Comparisons of 2021 and 2022

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주희영; 김규랑; 이주영

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한국생활환경학회지, Vol.30 No.3, pp.296-309
The purpose of this study was to investigate the common characteristics of thermal stress perception and thermoregulatory behavior of city residents during two consecutive summers in 2021 and 2022. The study consisted of survey and measurement of weather factors. The current method was identical to the method used by Ju et al. (2022) and we compared our results to theirs. 2,233 residents in Seoul and Busan participated in the 2022 survey. Air and globe temperature, and humidity were measured in Seoul and Busan on the same days as the survey. The results showed that (1) air humidity was higher in Busan than in Seoul in both years; (2) Seoul residents showed greater discomfort to the same increase in web-bulb globe temperature than Busan residents; (3) There were no significant differences in air temperature recognized as summer heat between Seoul and Busan residents, whereas the air temperature recognized as winter cold was 3-4oC lower for Seoul residents than for Busan residents; (4) In both cities, there were more residents who identified as being vulnerable to summer heat than those who identified as being invulnerable to heat.
80% of the respondents needed an indoor air conditioning system during summer, but 50% prepared extra clothes for excessive indoor cooling. We found the common characteristics of thermal stress perception and thermoregulatory behavior among the city residents, as described above, during the two consecutive summers. These traits could be used to develop guidelines for reducing heat-related illnesses and improving comfort of city residents during summer.
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