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시군단위의 불투수면적률과 도시화 지표의 상관성 분석 : Correlation between Impervious Surface Area Rate and Urbanization Indicators at the Si-Gun Level

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장민원; 김현준; 최윤희; 김학관

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농촌계획, Vol.29 No.4, pp.55-67
This study investigated the correlation between impervious surface area rate(ISAR) and various urbanization indicators at the si-gun administrative level. For the years 2017 and 2021, we built correlation matrices to examine the relationships between ISAR and eight urbanization indicators, including total population, working-age population, residential power consumption, non-agricultural power consumption, paved road length, permitted development area, numbers of registered vehicles, and cadastral Dae parcel area. Additionally, K-means clustering was employed to classify the 229 si-guns based on the ISAR change patterns.
The analysis revealed a significant positive correlation between ISAR and urbanization indicators for both years studied. However, the interannual comparison showed a noticeably weaker correlation between changes in ISAR and urbanization indicators from 2017 to 2021. The K-means analysis also showed that si-guns with higher ISAR values, typically urban areas, demonstrated a weaker correlation, while the cluster consisting mostly of rural areas with lower ISAR displayed stronger correlations. These results suggested that ISAR should be a significant factor for consideration in sustainable rural planning and development strategies.
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