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The Effect of Mouthrinse with 0.05% Dexamethasone Solution on the Oral Bacterial Community of Oral Lichen Planus Patients: Prospective Pilot Study

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Ku, Jeong Kui; Park, Shin Young; Hwang, Kyung Gyun; Yun, Pil Young

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Applied Sciences-basel, Vol.11 No.14, p. 6286
Few studies have already been performed to assess oral bacteria during steroid therapy for oral lichen planus (OLP). Thus, the aim of our study was to analyze the effect of dexamethasone mouthrinse treatment on the oral bacteria of OLP patients. This prospective study was conducted on patients who were diagnosed with OLP and treated with 0.05% dexamethasone mouthrinse twice per day for 4 weeks. Using unstimulated saliva of the patients before and after treatment, the qualitative and quantitative changes in oral bacteria were analyzed using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). The qPCR results were analyzed using Wilcoxon signed-rank test to the quantitative changes with dexamethasone mouthrinse. The statistical significance was considered at a level of 0.05. In total, 20 patients were enrolled in this study, wherein all were noted to show improved symptoms of OLP. Fifteen patients (75%) had a qualitative change in the oral microbial species and an improved relative periodontitis risk score (from 26.1 +/- 10.7 to 20.9 +/- 9.2; p = 0.008). However, quantitative changes in all species were determined to be not statistically different before and after the treatment. Most OLP patients had a changed microbial community composition after 0.05% dexamethasone mouthrinse for 4 weeks. In particular, the composition of the periodontopathic bacteria was improved after the treatment.
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