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임프란트 수술 및 보철물에 따른 합병증 연구 : Study about the complications associated with implant surgery and prosthetic treatment

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이지영; 김영균; 윤필영; 배지현; 김재승

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대한치과의사협회지, Vol.47 No.9, pp.585-595
Purpose : The aim of this study was to compare surgical complications between simple implant placement and implant placement combined with complicated surgical procedures. We also evaluated prosthetic complications according to the specific types of prosthesis. Material and Method : A retrospective analysis of dental chart of patients who was performed implant therapy during the period from June 2003 to December 2005 was carried out. This study was performed on 408 patients (208 male, 200 female). In addition, 1671 implants were performed. Based on their medical record and radiographs, the authors evaluated surgical and prosthetic complications, surgical procedures accompanied at the time of implant, risk factors of implant failure etc. Result : Surgical complications were developed on 358 implants(21.4% on total placed implants) and wound dehiscence was most prevalent complication. On maxillary posterior area, surgical complications developed more frequently on implants with major surgery and showed a significant difference. And complication rate of implants accompanied with GBR was higher than that of simple implants placement and also showed significant difference. The implant supported prosthesis showed no statistical difference in the occurrence of omplications according to the types of prosthesis, and food retention was the most common postprosthetic complication. Also we speculated that length and width of implant showed significant orrelation to the failure of implant primary osseointegration. Conclusion : Based on the result, clinician should provide more careful maintenance for patients with implant placement accompanied by complicated surgical procedure. And periodic maintenance for the patient is requested for long-term survival of implant therapy
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