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치과 수술후 발생한 지각이상 환자들의 유형 및 주관적 증상에 관한 연구 : Study on the Types and Subjective Evaluation of Patients with Neurosensory Dysfuction after Dental Surgery

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김영균; 윤필영; 이용인

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대한치과의사협회지, Vol.46 No.6, pp.384-393
Many dental surgeries including implant surgery, orthognathic surgery etc. have possibility of neurologic injury. As neurosensory dysfunction has no definitive treatment modality and shows slow recovery, patients have discomforts and make the legal conflicts with surgeons. The purpose of this study was to survey the types and subjective evaluation of patients with neurosensory dysfuction after dental surgery. This study included 66 patients with postoperative neurosensory dysfunction who were operated at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital from Dec 2003 to Jun 2007. Male were 28 and female were 38. Age was from 17 to 74 years old. The results of subjective evaluation of neurosensory dysfunction were as followings. 1. The sites of the altered sensation were chin, lip, tooth, tongue and so on. 2. 40.7% of the patients didnt explain accurately about their symptoms. 29.2% of the patients expressed anesthesia and 26.2% mild discomfort. 3. The altered sensation was expressed mostly in touching, mastication and speaking. 52.3% of the patients suggested that their symptoms always existed. 4. Neuropathic pain existed in 44.6% of the patients. 48.3% of the patients suggested that pain was triggered by touching. Neuropathic pain always existed in 41.4% of the patients. 5. Patients showed negative responses on the question that they will take operations which cause the risk of neurosensory dysfunction in future. The objective and subjective evaluation about the altered sensation after nerve injury nerver coincide. The subjective complaint can affect the result of treatment and daily life negatively.
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