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측두하악관절 관혈적 수술에 관한 임상적 연구 : Clinical Study of Temporomandibular Joint Open Surgery

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심정환; 김영균; 윤필영

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대한구강악안면외과학회지, Vol.27 No.1, pp.53-65
Most patients with temporomandibular disorder can be treated conservatively. However, open TMJ surgery can be needed in some patients. We analysed the patients with TMD which open surgery has performed since 1998. Open surgery was carried out in 8 patients. Age ranged from 22 to 61 years, with a mean of 42.8years. All patients were male. Final diagnosis was obtained based upon clinical, radiographic and operative finding as follows; habitual luxation, bony ankylosis, traumatic arthritis, disc displacement with destructive change, disc displacement and adhesion. Etiologic factors included trauma(4), infection(2), and unknown(2). Open surgery included arthroplasty with either of condylectomy, eminectomy, meniscoplasty, capsurrohaphy. All patients were recovered uneventfully without severe complications. Some mouth opening limitation and mouth opening deviation remained. Postoperative aggressive physical therapy and careful follow up were performed. In conclusion, open TMJ surgery must be considered in organic disease such as ankylosis, tumor and TMD without favorable recovery after long-term conservative therapy.
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Yun, Pil Young윤필영
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