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Eco-anxiety and environmental sustainability interest: A secondary data analysis

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Chung, Sophia J.; Jang, Sun Joo; Lee, Haeyoung

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Blackwell Publishing Inc.
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, Vol.32 No.6, pp.1462-1472
Climate change is an increasingly important global concern, requiring urgent action. To achieve environmental sustainability, identifying the predictors influencing individuals' actions is necessary. Individuals with negative psychological responses to climate change, such as eco-anxiety, are more likely to engage in pro-environmental behaviour. However, eco-anxiety and other perceptions associated with climate change and sustainability can differ based on an individual's unique background. Therefore, this study aimed to identify potent predictors of individuals' environmental sustainability interest and examine the impact of eco-anxiety on environmental sustainability interest. Data from 459 South Korean adults (19-65 years) were included in this secondary analysis. Eco-anxiety, climate change risk perception and future event cognition were assessed by the Climate Change Anxiety Scale, the Climate Change Risk Perception Inventory and Future Event Questionnaires, respectively. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that eco-anxiety was the most potent predictor of environmental sustainability interest, followed by climate change risk perception, age 60-65 years, future event cognition and age under 30 years. Considering that eco-anxiety is the most potent predictor of environmental sustainability interest, mental health nurses should assess patients' eco-anxiety level and help them recognize and manage their anxiety levels appropriately. Age-specific approaches should be considered for interventions to enhance environmental sustainability interest. Further studies are needed to determine the cut-off anxiety level that influences the positive impact on environmental sustainability interest and to develop programmes to manage eco-anxiety.
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