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Evaluation of alveolar ridge preservation in sockets with buccal dehiscence defects using two types of xenogeneic biomaterials: An in vivo experimental study

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Han, Hee-seung; Lee, Jung-Tae; Oh, Seunghan; Cho, Young-Dan; Kim, Sungtae

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Blackwell Publishing Inc.
Clinical Oral Implants Research, Vol.34 No.11, pp.1289-1298
Objectives: Alveolar ridge preservation (ARP) has been extensively investigated in various preclinical and clinical studies, yielding favorable results. We aim to evaluate the effects of ARP using collagenated bovine bone mineral (CBBM) alone or particulated bovine bone mineral with a non-cross-linked collagen membrane (PBBM/NCLM) in tooth extraction sockets with buccal dehiscence in an experimental dog model.Materials and Methods: The mesial roots of three mandibular premolars (P2, P3, and P4) were extracted from six mongrel dogs 4 weeks after inducing dehiscence defects. ARP was randomly performed using two different protocols: 1) CBBM alone and 2) PBBM/NCLM. Three-dimensional (3D) volumetric, micro-computed tomography, and histological analyses were employed to determine changes over a span of 20 weeks.Results: In 3D volumetric and radiographic analyses, CBBM alone demonstrated similar effectiveness to PBBM/NCLM in ARP (p > .05). However, in the PBBM/NCLM group (3.05 & PLUSMN; 0.60 mm), the horizontal ridge width was well maintained 3 mm below the alveolar crest compared with the CBBM group (2.11 & PLUSMN; 1.01 mm, p = .002).Conclusion: Although the radiographic changes in the quality and quantity of bone were not significant between the two groups, the use of PBBM/NCLM resulted in greater horizontal dimensions and more favorable maintenance of the ridge profile.
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