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Effect of a multichannel oral irrigator on periodontal health and the oral microbiome

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Kim, Jin Man; Yoo, Soo-Yeon; An, Jung-Sub; Woo, Jihee Jessica; Cho, Young-Dan; Park, Hwi Eun; Karm, Myong-Hwan

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Nature Publishing Group
Scientific Reports, Vol.13 No.1, p. 12043
Oral biofilms or dental plaques are one of the major etiological factors for diverse oral diseases. We aimed to evaluate the effect of a multichannel oral irrigator (MCOI) on periodontal health in 29 participants randomly divided into two groups: the MCOI group and the control group. To evaluate the effect of the MCOI on periodontal health, the modified Quigley Hein Plaque Index (PI), Muhlemann-Son Sulcus Bleeding Index (SBI), bleeding on probing (BOP), and swelling were evaluated and compared before and after MCOI use for 3 days. Although PI and SBI showed statistically significant increases in the control group, the MCOI group showed no significant changes in either parameter. Moreover, the percentage of BOP was significantly lower in the MCOI group. Saliva samples were analyzed by 16s rRNA amplicon sequencing to investigate changes in the oral microbiome. Sequencing results showed that Porphyromonas spp. were significantly increased in the control group, whereas no significant change was detected in the MCOI group. Using the MCOI, enriched populations and functional pathways were detected in pioneer species comprising non-mutans streptococci. These findings provide evidence of the effectiveness of the MCOI in maintaining periodontal health and a healthy microbial ecology in the oral cavity.
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