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새로운 진정진료지침 : Clinical practice guidelines for diagnostic and procedural sedation

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대한치과의사협회지, Vol.61 No.4, pp.293-306
The American Dental Association states that the administration of local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia is an integral part of dental practice. It is significant that the American Dental Association defines sedation as well as local anesthesia as an integral part of dental practice. A new sedation guideline was published in Korea in 2022. This guideline has been published to help both anesthesiologists and non-anesthesiologists provide safe and effective moderate sedation to patients consistently, without limitation, at any medical institu tion. This guideline was developed with a focus on moderate sedation before, during, and after examinations or procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Considering that there is a possibility of transition from moderate to deep sedation depending on the drug administered and the characteristics of each patient, the guide line also includes items for monitoring and coping with complications that may occur due to cardiovascular and respiratory depression. It consists of recommendations for a total of 15 PICO (participants, intervention, com parator, outcome) questions. Individual items covered include education on sedation providers, requirements for supplying drugs and equipment for sedation, selection of appropriate patients, referral to an anesthesiologist when performing sedation for high-risk patients, fasting before sedation, and typical use in adults and children.
Comparison of drugs, monitoring of respiratory system, cardiovascular system, depth of sedation during seda tion, measures to cope with respiratory complications during sedation in children, and discharge criteria after sedation are included.
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