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Transforaminal Epidural Balloon Adhesiolysis via a Contralateral Interlaminar Retrograde Foraminal Approach: A Retrospective Analysis and Technical Considerations

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Kim, Chan-Sik; Moon, Yeon-Jin; Kim, Jae Won; Hyun, Dong-Min; Son, Shill Lee; Shin, Jin-Woo; Kim, Doo-Hwan; Choi, Seong-Soo; Karm, Myong-Hwan

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Journal of Clinical Medicine, Vol.9 No.4, p. 981
Several treatment modalities have been proposed for foraminal stenosis, but the treatment options remain unsatisfactory. Previous studies have shown that transforaminal balloon adhesiolysis may be effective in patients with refractory lumbar foraminal stenosis. However, in patients with a high iliac crest, balloon catheter insertion may be difficult via a conventional transforaminal approach (particularly targeting the L5-S1 foramen). It has been reported that an epidural catheter can be placed easily by a contralateral interlaminar retrograde foraminal approach. Therefore, we applied this approach to L5-S1 transforaminal balloon adhesiolysis in patients with a high iliac crest. We retrospectively analyzed data from 22 patients who underwent combined epidural adhesiolysis and balloon decompression (balloon adhesiolysis) using the novel foraminal balloon catheter via a contralateral interlaminar retrograde foraminal approach. The pain intensity significantly decreased over the three-month period after balloon adhesiolysis (p < 0.001). There were no complications associated with the balloon procedure. The present study suggests that balloon adhesiolysis for L5-S1 foramen via a contralateral interlaminar retrograde foraminal approach may be an effective alternative for patients with a high iliac crest and refractory lumbar radicular pain due to lumbar foraminal stenosis. In addition, detailed procedural aspects are described here.
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