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Factors and help-seeking behaviors associated with depression in Korean adults: Review of data from 2014 and 2016 Korea national health and nutrition examination surveys

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Kim, Yunmi; Kim, Hyun-Young; Jang, Sun Joo

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Elsevier BV
Psychiatry Research, Vol.275, pp.10-19
As a health problem in Korea, the prevalence of depression is continuously increasing. This study examines factors and help-seeking behaviors associated with depression in Korean adults. Data was extracted from Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2014 and 2016) using the PHQ-9 depression screening instrument. Among 10,459 participants (weighted frequency = 36,418,292) over 19 years old, 7.2% were classified as having depression including depressive symptoms (PHQ-9 scores >= 10) or depressive disorders diagnosed by psychiatrists. Among those with depression, 58.6% responded that they had never sought help. Statistically high odds ratios for being at risk for depression include being female, aged 19-39, living alone, low household income, low level of education (middle school or lower), occupation (unemployed/inactive), an ex- or current smoker, having a chronic disease, and being underweight. Statistically low odds ratios for seeking counselling, age >= 60 and lower than high household income; for seeing doctor, age 19-39 or >= 60; and for treatment, age 19-39, lower than middle household income, and more than once per week drinking frequency. Overall, there is a need to find persons having these risk factors and to develop tailored strategies that will encourage help-seeking behavior with help-seeking intention.
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