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Efficiency data of intracellular recombinant protein delivery using cationic lipid coated silk fibroin particle

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Kim, Woo-Jin; Kim, Bong-Soo; Cho, Young-Dan; Yoon, Won-Joon; Baek, Jeong-Hwa; Woo, Kyung Mi; Ryoo, Hyun Mo

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Elsevier BV
Data in Brief, Vol.13, pp.683-691
This article presents data related to the research article Fibroin particle-supported cationic lipid layers for highly efficient intracellular protein delivery and focuses on the delivery efficiency aspects of the fibroin particle-cationic lipid complex (Fibroplex), including its fabrication and the intracellular delivery to the mouse skin tissue. We introduced a stable lipid-particle complex called Fibroplex, formed by loading cargo protein onto a silk fibroin spherical particle core complexed with cationic liposomes to address the intracellular recombinant protein delivery. This system exhibits cationic charge, which is advantageous for cellular uptake. The particle core is loaded with the cargo protein with high efficiency and shows long-term release in serum environment. Fibroplex can be formed simply by mixing the particle core and cationic liposome, and this spontaneous interaction does not cause any detrimental effects on the function of cargo proteins. Lipid-particle complex structure is stable over 10 days in the serum at 37°C. Fibroplex was delivered at high efficiency to a wide variety of cells, including cancer cells and primary cell-lines. Also, Fibroplex loaded with two types of cargo successfully introduced them into the cytoplasm. Furthermore, Fibroplex shows successful intracellular delivery when injected with various cargo proteins such as GFP, HRP and Tyrosinase into mouse skin tissue as well as in vitro. The highlights of this article include: (1) Data for fabrication procedure of Fibroplex, (2) loading capacity, surface charge changes of Fibroplex, and (3) Intracellular delivery aspects of Fibroin in vitro and vivo. © 2017
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