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Preconsent video-assisted instruction improves the comprehension and satisfaction in elderly patient visiting pain clinic

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Kim, Sung Hoon; Koh, Won Uk; Rhim, Jin Ho; Karm, Myong Hwan; Yu, Hye Suk; Lee, Bo Yoeng; Shin, Jin Woo; Leem, Jeong Gill

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The Korean Journal of Pain, Vol.25 No.4, pp.254-257
Elderly patients visiting pain clinic may be at greater risk of misunderstanding theexplanation because of age-related cognitive decline. Video instruction may provide a consistent from of teaching in a visual and realistic manner. We evaluated the effect of educational video on the patient understanding and satisfaction in a group of geriatric patients visiting pain clinic. Methods: Ninety two patients aged more than 60 years old who were scheduled for transforaminal epidural block were recruited. After exposure to either video or paper instruction process, each patient was asked 5-item comprehension questions, overall satisfaction and preference question. During follow-up period, number of outpatient referral-line call for further explanation was counted. Results: We observed significantly better comprehension in the video education compared with paper instruction (P < 0.001). Patient satisfaction was also higher in the video group (P = 0.015), and patients visiting pain clinic were more preferred video instruction (P < 0.001). Proportion of referral-line call for further explanation were similar (P = 0.302). Conclusions: Video approach to instruction process before consent improves treatment comprehension in geriatric patient visiting pain clinic. © The Korean Pain Society, 2012.
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