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국선도를 활용한 명상프로그램이 정신과 입원환자의 스트레스반응, 불안 및 자아존중감에 미치는 효과 : The Effect of Meditation Programs on Stress Responses, Anxiety and Self-Esteem in Psychiatric Patients

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장선주; 하양숙

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정신간호학회지, Vol.17 No.3, pp.302-310
Purpose: This study aimed to examine the effects of meditation programs on stress responses, anxiety and self-esteem in psychiatric patients. After the meditation treatment, the experimental group will report a higher degree of decreased Symptoms of Stress(SOS) scores than the control group. The experimental group will report a higher degree of decreased Beck Anxiety Inventory(BAI) scores than the control group. In addition, the experimental group will report a higher degree of increased Rosenberg scale scores than the control group. Methods: Seventeen patients were recruited and were treated with 6 sessions of a meditation program as well as 17 sex-matched control patients. Stress responses were measured using SOS and all subjects performed BAI, the Rosenberg scale and the Visual Analogue Scale. Results: Compared with the control patients, patients receiving meditation treatment did not show significant reduction in scores of SOS(U = 137.500, p = .812), BAI(U = 126.500, p = .540) or SOS subscales. There was no significant increase of self-esteem(U = 112.500, p = .274) in the meditation treatment group. Conclusion: This study suggests that meditation programs may be therapeutic by reducing stress responses including psychological and physiological aspects even though there was no statistical significance.
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Research Area Analytical Psychology, Workplace Bullying, 분석심리학, 정신간호중재, 직장내괴롭힘


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