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Comparison of Two Electroretinography Systems Used in Dogs: The HMsERG and the RETIport

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Jeong, Man Bok; Son, Won Gyun; Park, Young Woo; Kim, Se Eun; Park, Shin Ae; Seo, Kang Moon

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Maruzen Co., Ltd/Maruzen Kabushikikaisha
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, Vol.73 No.4, pp.431-438
The purpose of the study was to compare two different electroretinography (ERG) instruments used on the same animal in a laboratory setting. Retinal function in both eyes of 12 healthy miniature schnauzers was evaluated under general anesthesia. Scotopic and photopic ERGs were recorded by the HMsERG and the RETIport using the Dog Standard Protocol recommended by the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ECVO). The waveforms of the ERGs obtained by the two ERG units were similar to those described in previous studies. The 90% reference ranges using the multiple of medians (MoM) showed that the changes in ERG parameters obtained by the HMsERG unit were very similar to those of the RETIport for most ERG responses, except for a few. The results demonstrate that the two ERG systems are comparable for evaluating retinal function in dogs. Further, the results also show that it is necessary to establish ERG system-specific limits of normality in each laboratory or clinic in order to obtain a correct diagnosis, for example by using a graphical representation of the 90% reference range.
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